3 keys to build your life on rock not sand

Learn everything it will take for you to build a solid life.


THIS IS MY FAVORITE TRAINING!!! After you begin the process of letting go and get rid of the baggage, now we have to understand how to build it up!! And to build up we are going to lay THE MOST SOLID FOUNDATION so what we build does't keep falling over. We live our lives building our relationships, businesses and everything on sand which is soft which will eventually collapse! Would't you want to know the work you do is being built on something that is almost UNSTOPPABLE!!! That is what this training entails.

I will give you the 3 keys to build your life on rock not sand so when they wind blows it doesn't take down everything you have been working so hard to achieve. I am going to get into your character, explain how important trust is and lastly your spirit. Everything you do MUST BE based off of these 3 keys in order to have your life go the way you want. WHY YOU MAY ASK? Because you are your foundation and if you don't master these 3 steps you are going to be shaky and build everything you are working towards on shaky ground not solid ground. Only then is when we will be able to get into the other traits and skills you will need to understand to build your life project the best possible!

Here is a quick example in relationships: If you do not understand these 3 keys and want to build any relationship you will act out of character and not truly understand what it takes to build A REAL RELATIONSHIP. You will always build your life based on surface level ideas and meanings because you haven't put in the work to understand other people let alone yourself. Training's like this will help you with the self exploration of building you and intern building others around you. If you did the 3 steps to get rid of your emotional baggage that is the basic and initial training to get rid of the trash and you got a taste of a new fresh perspective and that is available for you. What you should desire to acquire every day is perspective which will help you understand and create the clarity you desire to start that business, talk to that person take the risk you once thought was impossible.

Let's continue the journey of your life with a fresh perspective so you can build a life of purpose. You need targets so you can go through life hitting goals not just thinking they are going to happen without direction. Stop through the darts with no board. My mission is to give you the map and I am laying the map in your hands, its up to you to take action and grab the map I have been working years to put together. LETS BUILD THE MOST IMPORTANT PROJECT AND THAT IS YOUR LIFE! ~Phil

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Phillip Smoak
Phillip Smoak

My name is Phil, and what I have experienced in my life through personal development has completely changed my life. For so long I wanted change in my life and had desire but I never had the right path. I never had REAL LEADERSHIP to take me from who I was, to who I knew I could become. I never had the right coach and coaches are the best! They give you the best advice, they help you through adversity and help you achieve goals you couldn't do by yourself.

My career started when I was 26 in a direct selling business where I began my leadership training. I started learning from coaches and mentors not just in business but in life. It was astounding that I was that old and never heard of all of these tactics and life lessons that you will NEVER learn in traditional education. It was a new world for me and I reached high accolades and was featured in success from home magazine in less then 2 years of working the business part time. I ended up building the business for 6 years then jumped into building apps and tech businesses which I am currently doing. I launched my podcast Project life and my brand channels to share the message of building the most important project we have and that is our lives.

My desire for helping other people is what moves me every single day. I love to help others and what I have learned in the people business I will be able to help countless lives through my message and brand channels. My launch for Life on Demand will be the gateway to helping others with the lessons and teachings of building your life with guides, worksheets and personal coaching. I believe Life Coaching is the next wave of coaches in the world. People need guidance more then ever and they are yearning from growth and guidance from the lack there of in the market. Parents and families are more disconnected then ever and people are lost and need people who can do the job!

I have helped change peoples lives and I know I can change your life, not by actually changing your life but giving you the tools and guidance necessary for you to do it yourself. NO ONE can change your life except you! Let's start the journey together and get your LIFE on Demand to help you build the most important project you will ever have and THAT IS YOUR LIFE, LETS GO! ~Phil

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  Module 2: Three keys to have a solid foundation for your life
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